How To Join

Odd Fellowship is open to men and women sixteen years of age or older who believe in a supreme being and are loyal to their country. Those interested in joining should email the lodge at All applications must be sponsored by a current member of the lodge so we will have a member reach out to you and send you an application.

Once your application is returned to the lodge an Interviewing Committee will be appointed and you will be invited to meet with them before a lodge meeting. At the meeting they will ask you questions about your interest in joining the lodge and about what skills or talents you might have to contribute. You will also get the opportunity to ask more questions about the lodge, what we do, and how we operate.

After the interview, the Committee will report back to the lodge at the next regular meeting. If you’re elected to membership you will be notified by the lodge secretary who will let you know when to appear at the lodge for Initiation. Although many people have apprehension about being initiatied into the lodge, there’s no need to worry. It’s a ceremony where you learn the basics of why Odd Fellowship is important and how to do basic things in the lodge like use the password and signs, vote, and participate in the meeting.

Once you’ve been initiated you’re a member and can start participating in the lodge. There are three further degrees of Odd Fellowship which teach lessons about the principles of our Order: Friendship, Love, and Truth. Being a lodge officer requires having taken all three of the degrees. Sometimes the degrees are offered at our lodge; sometimes they are offered at another. So long as you take the degrees somewhere you’re good to go.

The lodge with four new members; July 2021